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Washing instructions


All our garments are tested and labelled with washing instructions. Follow the labels and you’ll keep the garments looking new much longer. Always sort your laundry by washing temperature and colour first. If a garment is labelled “Wash separately”, it means that the dye might run and discolour other garments. This is because the garment may contain a certain amount of excess dye. All dyed garments should be machine washed at the maximum temperature for the fabric.


Today’s modern detergents means there’s often no need for a prewash. If the garment has hard to remove stains, it may be worth using a stain removal agent that is sprayed on before washing instead.


Always use detergent intended for coloured garments and follow the dosage instructions on the detergent packet carefully. Don’t use detergent that contains bleach (e.g. perborates, percarbonate and sodium hypochlorite).
Always use detergent designed for the washing temperature stated in the garment’s washing instructions. Avoid using conditioner.


Hang up or tumble dry? It is best to dry almost all garments by hanging them up. Shake the garment, pull out the seams and hang it up. If you do tumble dry it, make sure not to dry the garment completely. Most of the shrinkage and the highest amount of wear from tumble drying happens when the garment is almost dry.