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About our fabrics


Cotton is a soft and comfortable natural material. It provides insulation and ventilation. The advantage of cotton is that it doesn’t melt when exposed to flame and sparks and that it is hard to ignite. Our heavy cotton twill is extra tough and hardwearing, something we ensure by being involved in guiding development every step of the way from fibre to final production.

Weight 300–375g/m2, Withstands industrial laundry at 85°C


The combination of polyester and cotton has proved to be perfect for workwear when the aim is garments that last a long time. The comfort of cotton combined with the hardwearing and colourfastness of polyester means that polyester/cotton garments keep their shape and their colour for longer.

The fabric is pre-shrunk and can withstand industrial laundry at 85°C.

Weight 190–260g/m2

Polyester / Cotton High Visibility

For technical reasons the proportion of polyester/cotton in the fluorescent part differs from that in the blue part of the garment. The fluorescent fabric is a 70% polyester/30% cotton mix and the blue sections are 65% polyester/35% cotton.

The slightly higher proportion of polyester in the fluorescent colours ensures that the garments retain their colour better.

Weight 260–280g/m2

Wash at 60°C. The garment must be washed separately and the maximum number of washes is stated in each garment. For the garment to comply with the high-visibility criteria, it is very important that the washing advice is followed carefully.


52% cotton/48% nylon is a hardwearing and easy-care fabric, developed by us which is water and dirt-repellent and suitable for work in dirty environments. The fabric mix keeps its colour well, can be washed at 60°C and can be tumble dried at low temperatures.

Weight 230g/m2.

Oxford polyamide

Polyamide is generally used to reinforce the parts of the garment that get the most wear. This is a fabric which is abrasion resistant with high tear strength while still being thin and flexible. Some garments are sewn entirely in polyamide making them extra tough as well as flexible.

Weight 255g/m2.

Withstands industrial laundry at 60°C.


Dry-tech is a 100% polyester fabric built up from microfibres that quickly transport sweat away from the body and spread it to a wider area, known as “wicking”. This means that the microscopic water particles evaporate extremely quickly. The result is that the garment stays dry and you feel fresh all the time.

Dry-tech is stable, non-iron, doesn’t fade easily and can be washed at 85°C.

PU-coated polyester

Several of our winter garments are made from hardwearing polyester with a polyurethane coating on the inside, making them windproof and water-repellent. Polyester has high colourfastness and is easy to keep clean.


The pile lining found in some of our garments is warm and comfortable, making it ideal for use in the body of jackets, for example, that have to be really warm. Pile lining is long lasting and retains its heat retaining characteristics well after washing.

Fleece is a more modern version of pile. A quilted lining is thinner and more flexible and is ideal for garments or parts of garments where ease of movement is important. A quilted lining is also ideal in dusty environments because it brushes off easily. The lining may shrink slightly during washing.


Oeko-Tex is an internationally specified standard based on a voluntary undertaking. To obtain a certificate, the entire manufacturing process and all the parts of a garment must comply with stringent human-environmental requirements.

With Jobman’s clothes you can be sure that you will not be exposed to chemicals that may damage your health. Many of our garments are Oeko-Tex certified, which guarantees that they do not contain substances that may be hazardous for the wearer on skin contact.