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Why Jobman Workwear?

We'd been looking for a stand-out range of quality, heavy duty workwear that was also comfortable to bring to the Australian market.

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Jobman Workwear

// Since 1975 //
No Shrinkage | No Burst Seams 

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1. No Shrinkage 

Guaranteed by Sanforisation®

Top quality fabric is used to make Jobman Workwear, giving less than 1% shrinkage, even when washed at 85°C – guaranteed! Combinations of fabric composition and a heat and pressure process of Sanforisation® are used to help achieve these enviable results. The hotter you wash the more dirt and grease you get out and the longer the garment will last.

2. No Burst Seams

Using 10KG Breaking strain threads

The strongest possible seams are used on the common stress areas of the outside leg and crutch seams. The ‘Fell seam’, commonly found in jeans, consists of four layers of material stitched together with robust double needle stitching and is incredibly stronger than the standard overlocked or even the folded overlocked seams found in most workwear. It’s guaranteed!

Bar Tacks – high frequency reinforcement

Reinforcing ‘bar tacks are used at all major stress points, such as the pockets and belt loops. All stitching is done with 10kg breaking strain ‘core-spun’ polyester threads – many times stronger than used in most workwear.

Workwear for proud professionals

Jobman’s products are geared towards professional tradespeople. We have in mind modern men and women who get up every morning, put on their workwear and cheerfully tackle whatever the day has in store. You might be self-employed or work for a larger company. The most important thing is that you’re keen to do a good day’s work that you can take professional pride in. Just like we take pride in our workwear.

Feel confident with Jobman workwear

A working day contains a lot of different challenges that make demands of you, your equipment and your clothes. With Jobman workwear, the focus is on your health. Rigorous testing means we know the quality is excellent and that the materials we use are free of substances hazardous to health. This is borne out by our CE certificates, ISO standards and Oeko-Tex approved garments. Nothing is left to chance.

Workwear made by and for professional tradespeople

Since 1975 we’ve been making workwear with one aim in sight – equipping you with professional workwear that lets you do your job efficiently. This is why we have a large group of test pilots who help us to develop new products where the focus is on function and safety. Putting together our experience and their professional expertise means we can produce the best possible products.

Ethical guidelines

Code of Conduct

New Wave Group has a responsibility to ensure that its own operations and suppliers respect the different countries legal provisions, as well as international organizations’ views on fundamental rights. The Group’s Code of Conduct, is applied to all factories involved in production of the New Wave Group’s products.

The Code of Conduct is an agreement that the Group’s suppliers commit to observing, and prescribes, among other things, that the supplier must comply with legal requirements and provide the Group with full access to factories and data for evaluation of the supplier’s compliance with the rules. The Code of Conduct further includes, inter alia, bans on child labour and discrimination, requirements for basic working conditions, the right to freely organize trade unions, payment of minimum wage and overtime pay, and limits on hours of work. Since 2008, the New Wave Group has been a member of the Fair Labor Association (FLA, see www.fairlabor. org) which is an international organisation that works to improve the social and working conditions in production countries and is a model for the future.

The environment

The New Wave Group recognizes how closely connected its business activities are to local and global environmental issues.

To this end, the Group is actively engaged in “green management,” an effort to reduce environmental threats through implementation of business plans that incorporate  environmental considerations. Specifically, the New Wave Group is developing plans for Transportation, Eco-friendly offices, Packaging, Chemical use, and ‘Green’ production.

Only natural additives

Many manufacturers of clothing have gotten the idea that the garments will be better if a lot of chemicals are added to the manufacturing process. It may be chemicals, color additives, bleach, etc. Some of these chemicals are harmful, creates allergies, and may even be carcinogenic.

When you wear JOBMAN clothes you can be sure that you are not exposed to chemicals that can damage your health. Almost all JOBMAN garments are namely Oeko-Tex certified, which provides a guarantee that the garments do not contain substances that can be harmful to the skin of the wearer.