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Muela Sabueso Crown Stag Skinner Knife

Muela Sabueso Crown Stag Skinner Knife

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Muela of Spain Sabueso 11S skinning knife with crown stag handle, 241mm overall length

  • Blade Material: 440 Chrome-Vanadium-Molybdenum Alloy Martensitic Steel, Hardness of 54-58 degrees on the Rockwell Scale
  • Genuine Crown Stag Handle with Solid Brass
  • Supplied with a Handcrafted Full Grain Leather Sheath
  • Manufacturas Muela knives are handcrafted in Argamailla de Calatrava, Ciudad Real, Spain.

For decades, Muela of Spain has provided the best and sharpest Hunting Knives. There is no doubt that hunting is intrinisically linked to the essence and tradition of Muela knives.

Muela uses the latest in industrial techniques, including mechanized control centers and continuously working ovens, ideal for thermal treatment of different types of steel employed for the specific models. However, Muela also relies on a good number of artisanal experts, who are capable of achieving the artistic touches and finishes from natural materials such as antlers and exotic woods featured on many knife handles.