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What are Jobman Workwear clothes made of?

Textiles are produced from many different materials, some natural and others man-made. All have different uses and purpose when manufacturing fabrics for workwear.

Natural fibers are well known; cotton, silk, wool and a few more. Man-made, synthetic fibers are often made from oil derivatives and have names like polyester, polyamide, Nylon and acrylic.

All fibers have different properties that often make them better suited for one purpose than another. Cotton for example has excellent moisture absorbing qualities and it can be very soft and nice to wear. Polyester is crease and fade-resistant, and it does not shrink. By blending fibers you get the best of both worlds in the same fabric and thereby get a new functional material.
Today’s technology allows us to develop materials with designed properties and manufacture workwear that is lightweight, wear and tear resistant, dirt repellent and whatever we wish for.

We have put a lot of effort into developing materials with just the right composition for our workwear. The best result often means applying materials with different features to strategic parts of the garments to add strength or protection while keeping the design comfortable and easy to wear. We go the extra mile to make Jobman Workwear your first choice and to exceed your expectations.


Bomull Workwear Material

Cotton is the most common fiber; soft, natural and comfortable and easy to wash. Jobman pre-washed cotton twill is extra sturdy and durable, it ages beautifully, retains its properties and just gets more comfortable by each wash. One advantage of cotton is that it is relatively resistant to glow fleas from grinding, although it cannot replace flame retardant clothing.
Keep in mind that cotton absorbs moisture,  and is therefore not always suitable for working in damp environments.


Cotton Polymide Workwear Material

The cotton/polyamide blend is a comfortable fabric which is water and dirt repellent and well suited for clothing intended for dirty environments. Cotton/polyamide does not absorb moisture so easily and dries much faster than pure cotton. The fabric is comfy to wear and can take a lot of wear and tear without losing its appearance. This is a good fabric for workwear in challenging work environments.


Polyamide Workwear Material

Polyamide is a fabric typically added to make clothes more abrasion resistant. Polyamide can take a lot of wear and tear yet it is a soft and comfortable material and it does not freeze stiff in cold weather. Clothes made from polyamide are resistant and well suited for work both outdoors and indoors. Dirt and sweat is no problem as they are easy to wash and quick to dry.

Cavalry twill

Cavalry twill workwear material

One of the strongest twills ever designed is cavalry twill, originally designed for military breeches. Its structure gives the fabric movement and stretch. Cavalry twill is most appropriate for trousers and is ideal for environments where you need a durable yet flexible fabric. Cavalry twill is recognised for its distinctive diagonal stripe effect.


Polyester Workwear Material

Many of our winter clothes and soft shell jackets are made of polyester. It is the most common fabric after cotton. Polyester clothes are comfortable, they stay soft and their low absorbency allows them to dry quickly. The fiber has excellent resilience and it can be woven, knitted and spun to fleece. Easy to wash, doesn’t fade and has a high abrasion resistance too, but polyester cannot be ironed too hot as it is not heat resistant.

Star Polyamide

Star Polyamide workwear material

STAR is Jobman’s own development, a highly very wear and tear resistant fabric we developed for very challenging environments. It is a modern 100% polyamide, ‘dobby’ weave. Close up you can see the little geometric star pattern of the dobby loom. One unique feature of our STAR Polyamide is that it’s equally resistant to tear and rip in all directions. The back of the fabric is ‘peached’ for a soft and comfortable feel on the inside. STAR Polyamide workwear can be worn all year around in all kinds of weather, it dries fast and is a good companion all day.


Polyester/Cotton workwear material

Cotton can be blended with polyester in different combinations to achieve a wide variety of characteristics. Blending achieves the best of both worlds, the softness of cotton and the resistance of polyester, making our cotton/polyester blends very comfortable and hard wearing. They are virtually care-free, perfect for workwear, as they can be washed often with little risk of fading or creasing. Cotton/polyester blend clothes keep their shape and are very suitable as profile or uniform clothing.

 Star HV polyester

Star HV polyester

Star Polyester is one of Jobman’s new self- developed strong materials. It is a modern 100% polyester. A dobby weave, meaning mixed bonds, which give the appearance of a small star when you look closely. The unique feature of STAR is that it is equally strong in all directions which provides a well-balanced and durable fabric. The back is lightly brushed, peached, to give a soft feeling against your skin.


Core workwear material

Ring-spun cotton/polyester is a unique qua- lity with the best of two worlds. The tech- nology provides a core thread of polyester which is enclosed by cotton. Polyester fabric gives high durability and cotton gives nice comfort against the skin.

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