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Highest Quality Materials for Superior Functionality

Reinforcement fabrics

Workwear is worn many hours a day and should be comfortable as well as protective. To achieve this we need to combine different fabrics to add functionality
to a design. A nice, soft piece of clothing is trimmed with reinforcing fabric on critical parts to make it hard- wearing. Jobman Workwear protects you all day, inside and outdoors. Commonly used reinforcement materials include Cordura®, Kevlar® and FA, a fabric developed by Jobman.

Coated fabrics

Our winter outdoor wear are made from heavy poly- ester with a polyurethane coating to make them wind- proof and water repellent. The coating is not completely water-proof to allow the fabric to breathe, which keeps you warm and dry all day.

linings and middle layers

To keep warm you need to wrap yourself in warm air under a wind-proof shell material. This is why middle layers are made from light, porous materials that trap a lot of air, which in turn is warmed up by body heat. Examples of such materials are fleece, quilt and pile, all with great warmth-to-weight ratio..

Next to your skin

Wearing many smart layers will keep you dry and comfortably warm all day. The layer next to your skin should be breathable and moisture wicking. The next layer should be insulating, by trapping warm air close to your body. When the temperature falls to arctic levels you need underwear of wool or polypropylene, and don’t forget the extra pair of socks and a woolen beanie. Jobman has the clothes for any kind of weather.

Cordura ®

Cordura workwear material

Cordura® is a polyamide fabric with high strength and excellent abrasion resistance. Often used to reinforce and protect knees and other exposed parts.

4-way stretch

4 Way Stretch Workwear material

Jobman 4-way stretch is created by synthetic fibers with exceptional elasticity. It provides extreme comfort, fit and flexibility and the opportunity for a tighter fit, without restricting movement. The wear resistance is high and since the material is elastic it returns to its original shape and size when it is no longer stretched.


Quilt Workwear material

Quilt is a layered material with polyester filling stitched between two layers of thin, smooth fabric. It is lightweight also, even when it is very thick. Quilted linings are common in workwear for outdoor use in cold weather. Quilted workwear is popular since it does not restrict your comfort; the silky, smooth surface allowing layers of clothing underneath to move.


Kevlar workwear material

Kevlar® is a para-aramid fiber with extremely high tear and abrasion resistance.


Dry-tech Workwear Material

Dry-techTM is a man-made fabric which has wicking properties; it absorbs moisture and pushes it to the outside, where it will evaporate in microscopic particles. Dry-techTM will keep you fresh and dry all day. Dry-techTM will not fade or shrink and needs no ironing. It can be washed every day and dries quickly. Dry-techTM is designed to be worn next-to-skin.


Pilefoder workwear material

Pile is a furry lining material suitable for winter wear. Polyester pile does not absorb moisture and will dry quickly. It also holds a lot of air and will keep you warm.


FA workwear material

FA is Jobman’s own development to reinforce workwear. It has great strength and resistance against sharp objects like nails and tools, a perfect material to protect you in the workshop and out on the building site.


Fleece workwear material

Polyester fleece is a very popular fabric, you find it in sweaters, in linings and trimmings. It stretches and feels soft. Its fluffy texture keeps you warm by trapping air between its fibers. Fleece is ideal when the weather gets a little chilly and it is a good lining for wind proof clothes.

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